Trendy Budget Eyewear

There is nothing so sexy as a pair of dark goggles on a handsome face if a man or the lovely face of a beautiful woman. Black lees, or red or blue or green not only adds a sense of enigma to the face and makes us look cooler and hip, not to mention fashionable. The goggles also protect against the glare of the sun and the dangerous ultraviolet radiation that is showered on us daily. The style of the budget eyewear is also important. While aviator model big ogles are a classic fashion accessory, flat and slim secret agent goggles are also good looking on the right kind of face. For a poker player goggles are a great help as they mask the eye movement and prevent others from noticing our movements and reactions to the cards on the table.

Rock stars and movie gods are crazy about goggles. They like it because it adds to the aura of anonymity, exclusivity, being exotic and of course sensual. We like it because deep within ourselves we are always striving to look better, to attract more men and women to ourselves, to develop a reputation for being fashionable and a member of the “in” club. There are several companies that specialize in budget eyewear. Ray-Ban is a very well known organization that manufactures quality budget eyewear. Vogue also has an eyewear section, so does Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Gucci and other international and renowned fashion houses. For people who work in the blazing Sun the goggles are essential against the merciless glare, for sailors it is protection against salt water spray and the blinding reflection of the Sun on the water and for people working under Arctic conditions goggles are essential to prevent snow blindness. Buying goggles therefore not only makes us look good but also does us some good.


Daily deals sites for mums, living social, KGB deals, plumdistrict

I usually use deal sites like KGB deals, Groupon and Living Social. But I came across this new one. Free Photo - Dollar sign is a daily deals site especially for moms. Operating from San Francisco, this site presents super smart deals for super smart moms. Every day, Plumdistrict sends enticing deals to its members that relate everything that a mom would need. From spa treatments to family and kids items, Plumdistrict is the one stop destination for many moms all around the country. Operating in 27 cities, this impressive website makes sure that moms lead a most beautiful life through the daily deals. Designed to be best for moms, the site presents an amazing array of great deals to make life easier, useful and more colorful for mothers. In case, you were looking for amazing daily deals in the internet, this site presents you with all the deals a mom would need to shape her life just the way she wants to.

For me being a mother is always special. Mothers have many different requirements. I have browsed through the internet and have that there are very few sites that cater to the specific needs of the mothers alone. But plumdistrict is different. It not only caters to the needs of moms but also guides them to the hot deals on any item you may require.

I also use this site called deals extra, it has all the deals from KGB deals, Living Social and more all on one page.


I always find myself near a Shiva temple wherever I stay

Gold and Brass Buddhist Statues Free PhotoWherever I have stayed throughout my life, permanently or temporarily, I have always found an adjacent Shiva temple. You can call this coincidence or whatever, but this has been the case. May be this happens because India is a land of temples, where everywhere you find a temple/ mosque/a Gurudwara/a church, but this happens. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I find Shiva an amazing divine presence, always smiling and meditating and of course sitting quite stoned. The use of weed for the worship of Shiva is highly acknowledged in India.  From the holy men to the commoner, every smoker of weed finds a close association with Shiva. Again an example of my thoughts creating my reality I suppose. Since I respect the divine presence of Shiva, the temples too are noticed by me. That is all.

The life of Lord Shiva fascinates me. I know that he is the propagator of Tantra. He gave this world the divine knowledge of Agams which tell mankind about how to live a happy life. It was He who broke away from the ancient Vedic religion and gave the common man a chance to worship. He never boasted of being someone special but still gave so much to the mankind- the simplicity at its best.

My projection into the future

God Directs Thoughts Free PhotoWith my projection of thoughts, I can recreate my imagination. This, I think is the big secret of a great life. As thoughts translate into actions, all I have to do is to follow a roadmap of optimism. The more positive and determined I am, the better my thoughts translate into reality. I have learnt to think positive. I have learnt to dream big. My positive attitude and dreams have always given me the sweet fruits in life. There was a time when my thoughts were not positive and I never dreamt of happiness. So was my life- full of sorrows and miseries. Today I have drams about the better world.

I dream of a world without borders and oppression. I dream of a world where the war has ended and now there is peace everywhere. I think of a world without torture and pain that one human being can give to another human being or another creature. It is a beautiful world that I dream. I dream of a world safe for all, a world where every little aspect is in perfect harmony with the universe. This world is as fragile as a transparent glass world, and we the inhabitants of this floating rock should be able to take care of our world.

Making the most of the little time to read books nowadays

book  Free PhotoAs I am lately caught up with a lot of work, what I miss most is the habit of reading books. A good book is where you find a character just as you are now, or you want to be. Where feelings resonate, you get good companions. This is true for books too. When the feelings resonate you get good books as well. Such is the magic of books I have always enjoyed. Unless I found some figment of my imagination mapping with the emotions presented in the book, I take that book to heart as well. It is an amazing feeling.

Speaking of reading a book, I like to read multiple books at one time. As a result, I have several partly read books at my table, reading all together. Combining a lot of magical flow through the books, I am finding this engagement most enjoying.

I have just finished a book’ Kabala of Numbers’. The book is about the magical effects of numbers on this world. It is really interesting to know that all the numbers from one to nine have some special characteristics and persons born on the dates connected with a particular number is endowed with the qualities associated with that number. My mind does not agree with it but my heart says it might be true because my Jinny was a number seven and she full of love for me.

She was sharing how flowers have healed her

Red Roses Free PhotoShe is a dear sister. She was sharing the other day, how flowers have healed her from the wounds of life. She grows flowers on her rooftop. They are her dear friends. The flowers synchronize with her mood swings and she feels sad when a flower grows old. But to make her happy again, the flowers reappear. As I said, they are her friends.

Yes, the flowers are her friends. I have seen her talking to them. I have seen her dancing with the roses when she is happy. She sheds her tears in the company of flowers when no one in this world is able to hear her. The flowers too become sad that time and the atmosphere becomes heavy.

So good-natured that she is, she always encourages others to grow flowers too. In fact, when she found me hurt, she gave me a rose to heal. The rose was magical, reminding of the beauty that she is. The rose healed me and I am always thankful to her for being my sister. Her presence has always filled my heart with joy, beauty and happiness. We call ourselves siblings of stardust. We are strangely beautiful children of the universe; we all are. Find some interesting post here: